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The Harlequin cut has been circulating the medical cannabis scene for quite a while now. One of the first strains that produced high concentrations of CBD aka Cannabidiol, a cannabinoid produced in cannabis that has been found to treat numerous medicinal conditions ranging from inflammation to nausea to inhibition of cancer cell growth. The Harlequin will put your body in a perfectly medicated state while keeping the mind free of the usual psychoactive effects of cannabis.

The Harlequin produces sweet buds with high resin production and a thick hash flavour. It is definitely a pleasure to smoke and a non-psychoactive effect that can still be felt as the aches and pains melt away.

We wanted to create a hybrid that could offer the medicinal grower the opportunity to experiment and select from interesting phenotypes that may carry the high CBD trait in it. We hope to reintroduce CBD genetics back into the cannabis gene pool through our efforts. While each phenotype will contain genes from the Harlequin, expression of the high CBD trait is not guaranteed.

The Freedom Baby aka Harlequin Jo will produce rock hard buds covered in golden powder. The smells of spices and sweet currant may be experienced in the Freedom Baby / Harlequin Jo.

Genetics: Harlequin x Joseph OG
Type: Sativa/Indica Hybrid
Flowering Period: 8 - 9 Weeks
Yield: Medium to High
Characteristics: Strong medicinal qualities.

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