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A ticket to the fabulous beaches of Cancun; welfare, tropical climate and even a long volleyball match with the colleagues are the sensations that you will have although you are in a grey and cold environment. With Mexican Airlines creativity and laughter are guaranteed for those lovers of recreational marijuana

Our investigation team has developed this variety through the mixture of Columbia, Mexican and Ruderalis variety, which converts it in a feminized and auto-flowering with high quality plant.

Our Mexican Airlines is a true Sativa variety, because it has a higher Sativa percentage; a peculiar feature for the common auto-flowering that uses to contain more percentage of phenotypes of Indica and Ruderalis. As a result we get a specimen with long and light green leaves, with compact buds. The plant can reach 120cm when is cultivated by expert hands.

Its growth fires just before flowering, and in this process is when the aromas begin. For this reason we recommend using filters when the cultivation is placed indoors. It is not a very capricious variety (It doesn‰ۡó»t need a lot of cares), and it develops anywhere but you must be careful with mildew and the humidity at the end of the blooming.̴Ì_

This wonder will be ready in 8-9 weeks, but if you want to get the full potential you should leave it to mature, and with less than 2 months and a half you will be surprised.

Our Mexican Airlines is suitable both for interior or exterior cultivation. In the indoor cultivations, it reacts properly with 14/10 of light, even though we advise you 18/16. Its buds are hard and resistant and the trichomes offer a blue white nice show.

Even though it doesn‰ۡó»t need special cares, if it receives a good solar exposition, the cultivator will be surprised with its production, which could reach 500gr/m2.

Its THC levels, 19%, converts it in a perfect specimen for those lovers of sativo rise; powerful and euphoria effect, and an injection of creativity, which can reach psychedelic points.

A really pleasant aroma, with species hints that go straight to the brain. It surprises because of its sour and spicy like ginger flavour, with a light Skunk aftertaste, special for those daring palates.

Mexican Airlines opens the doors of the creativity and activates the desires to have fun. One election that you won‰ۡó»t forget, like those big voyages to fantastic beaches.

Genes:̴Ì_mostly sativa
Genetics:̴Ì_Columbian x Mexican x Ruderalis
Flowering:̴Ì_flowered at 12-18 hours photoperiod. 9 weeks from germination
Harvest:̴Ì_up to 1.1 pounds per light̴Ì_
Harvest:̴Ì_Indoor 450-500 g/m2; Outdoor 50-250 g/plant̴Ì_
Height:̴Ì_up to 50 inches̴Ì_
Height:̴Ì_60 -120 cm̴Ì_

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