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A cross between our champion PapaÌ_åÈs Candy and our Monster superproducer, inheriting the best of each. It is a big plant with big buds and thick, dense and abundant trichomes. The aroma and sweet flavour of strawberries and forest fruits is very strong. This plant is easy to grow in all media, even for first-time growers. Very resistant to pests, especially to powdery mildew. Outdoors allows pruning, multiplying its performance. Asserting in bloom by the weight of the buds. Spectacular indoor growing with low consumption.

  • 3rd Prize Winner Cup Bella Flor (ARSECA) 2009 (Indoor Category)

THC: 18-20%
Production: High
Type: Indoors / Outdoors
Flowering indoors: 55-65 days
Flowering outdoors: in early October

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