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We combined these two flavourful and distinct strains to provide some tasty variations in this F1 release. The Cherry Thai was crossed initially with an old Afghan for density and finish, we then back-crossed it several times to bring out the characteristic flavours and soaring high of the original Cherry Thai mom. We then crossed it with out Lost Coast OG to give it potency and a sour twist
Vigorous vegetative growth; performs best with a steady intake of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium to ensure a strong green finish. Flower her through 10 weeks and you will be rewarded with a surprisingly abundant harvest. The buds are dense and medium-sized, oozing with resin. The buds down the stem can be used to make extremely flavourful and potent extracts. Expect three major terpine variations, from Sweet Cherry to an almost Sour Diesel flavour, due to the Chemdawg influence.
Cherry OG produces a lucid, uplifting high, with the body relaxation of a classic Kush stone. Prepare yourself for a carefree activity and enjoy the day!
Genetics: Cherry Thai x Lost Coast OG
Indica/Sativa: 50:50
Yield: Medium - High
Harvest: 9-10 weeks/early Oct
Stature: Tall and Lanky
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