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Emerald Triangle

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This plant grows rapidly during the vegetative stage and will double in size after flipping, so timing is important if space is an issue. Once you're into flowering, be sure to provide support for the massive, trichome-covered terminal colas, to include staking and a steady nutrient regimen. Preventative measures will help ensure that the unusually large, dense buds are free of powdery mildew, to which this plant has a minor susceptibility.
The Chemdawg influence shines through in the smell, taste and effect of this new California classic. The sourness hits you instantly, accented by slight earthy undertones and a pungent citrus aftertaste. Not for the casual smoker due to its high THC content and powerful, almost hallucinogenic head high.
Genetics:̴Ì_(Northern Lights #5 x Chemdawg #4) x Lost Coast OG
Yield:̴Ì_Medium - High
Harvest:̴Ì_10-11 weeks/late Oct
Stature:̴Ì_Tall and lanky
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