• Bubba 76 Marijuana Seeds
Bubba 76 Marijuana Seeds

Bubba 76

Emerald Triangle

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Bubba 76 combines two well known Indica strains to give rock hard buds right up and down the plant. Tying the branches down is considered a beneficial growing tehnique and the grower should ensure that there is suitable airflow, while also checking for mould at the end of the cycle.

This combination of factors means that Bubba 76 may not be ideal for the novice grower but the sweet berry flavours and Bubba Kash effects means that it will be worth the effort required to enjoy the best possible results.

Genetics:åÊ'76 Afghan x Pre-'98 Bubba Kush
Yield:åÊMedium - High
Harvest:åÊ7-8 weeks/end of Sept
Stature:åÊShort and stout

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