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Gummy Bears is an elite cannabis strain, developed by Elemental Seeds. Gummy Bears is a cross of Trueberry and Big Lemon. åÊExhibiting some of the most desirable traits of any marijuana strain currently available, Gummy Bears develops distinctive colouration, making it a real favourite among the guys at Elemental.

When grown out in a legal climate, Elemental Seeds' test growers have reported that Gummy Bears plants are strong and prolific. åÊAfter the average 56-60 day flowering period, breeders are rewarded with harvests of dense buds which virtually drip with sticky resin. åÊFlavours are a perfectly harnessed blend of both parent strains - expect zesty berry flavours backed with lemon and a pine scent - a real treat for the senses. åÊGummy Bears is sure to be a popular choice with true connoisseur collectors. åÊThe high resin production and beautiful nuances of colour make this a real standout marijuana strain.

Genetics: Trueberry x Big Lemon

Flowering time: 56-62 days

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