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SnowStorm #2

SnowStorm #2

Dutch Passion

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Orange Bud with its distinctive rich orange hairs and brutally powerful Skunk 'high' has been one of Dutch Passions legendary strains. It is a heavy-hitting, high yielding and low maintenance Skunk that dates back to the 1980's with its own army of dedicated followers. We decided to make an automatic version of Orange Bud following emails from die-hard Orange Bud fans. Auto Orange Bud was created using a particularly compatible Ruderalis strain. The hybridisation project was not easy, Orange Bud remains one of our best selling strains with a superb all-round reputation that we were not prepared to compromise.

Auto Orange Bud has been a rewarding and pleasing strain. It typically grows to around 60cm in height with the general appearance of a compact Indica phenotype. The smoke-test team were highly satisfied with both the sweet flavour and powerful effect, this is an automatic Skunk that does justice to its proud heritage. Auto Orange Bud has been a high quality addition to our strain collection, it takes automatic strain potency to new levels along with good yields. This strain comes with our recommendation, Auto Orange Bud will have special appeal to those looking for a classy automatic version of the classic 1980's original skunk.

Height of plants: 30 to 70 cm

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