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Potency, yield and consistency: the Oasis strain has it all í± in spades! This 100% Indica strain hails from the United States of America. Oasis is taken from the award-winning Northern Lights II strain. Dutch Passion acknowledges its debt to renowned cultivator, Nevil, for assistance in developing this little gem.

At an average height of 60-80cm itÌÎ_s no giant of a plant, but expect strength, large leaves and good resistance to spider mites and mould. Flowering will start at just 3-4 weeks and by 9-11 weeks youÌÎ_ll have dense, prolific bud growth. If patience is one of your virtues, look forward to even higher rewards at the back end of the flowering period. If you like Indica, this is the strain for you; the same woody, earthy aroma and taste abound. ItÌÎ_s an easy-to-grow classic and, whatÌÎ_s more, itÌÎ_s been said to possess aphrodisiac qualities!

THC: 12.3%
Flowering period: 8-9 weeks
Harvest time outdoor: 1st week of November

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