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This plant is an absolutely psychedelic experience. A plant this is for fun, laughing and out of reality to a higher level of understanding and knowledge.
The touch has made an ancestral mother selected Destroyer (Cannabiogen), crossed with the famous Critical + (Bilbo) cut. The result ... although we believe that the parents speak for themselves, this is a heavyweight.
Flowering has been shortened with the introduction of the Bilbo cut, keeping the pure and devastating effects of the Destroyer, the increase in production is very significant, coming out of 800gr 1 kg of dry weight per plant outdoors.
In hydroponic systems and aerop_nicos we recomended put directly to 12/12, either from cuttings or seeds. Its flavour varies from growing in the ochres and smells more spicy to a sharp penetrating aroma of skunk variable. The dry smell of this plant make an explosive combination, much more powerful than the average. Blooming time is between 8 to 10 weeks Time boom outdoor: mid / late October Production in: 500 - 700 gr Production outdoor: 800 - 1000 gr

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