• Holy Grail Kush
Holy Grail Kush

Holy Grail Kush

DNA Genetics

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Kosher Kush x The OG #18

From DNA Genetics comes the twice winner of the cannabis cup champion - Kosher Kush crossed with the multi-champ OG #18, resulting in the fantastic Holy Grail Kush.
This is the one we have been waiting for.
Holy Grail Kush has giant resinous buds that have the stink of the OG #18 as well as that of the Kosher Kush. So strong is the smell that you will need to use filters although apart from this it is an easy strain to grow and even beginners can try it. If you are more advanced then you can push Holy Grail Kush to the precipice and push her nutrients as far as you can when you will receive the gift of a madly stinky plant unmatched in strength and yield.
A good price and loads of bag appeal that was awarded first place with the very first ever perfect score in the 2011 HTCC.
p.s. Some of the staff from High Times were overheard saying how much a cut above Holy Grail Kush is in looks, smell, and taste.

Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Yield: 500-650 g/m2

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