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Azure Haze

Azure Haze

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A Silver Haze mother, Bay Area origin clone, pollenated by the famous 'stretch-indica' blueberry male to create the same cross as the Blue Dream. The Azure Haze, however, is one generation closer to the P1 landrace ancestry--the Blue Dream cross used an f5 Blueberry male, whereas the 'stretch-indica' Blueberry male used in the Azure Haze parentage is an f4.

A vigorous hybrid, this cross is very easy to look after and quite forgiving, making it ideal for the novice or an expert. Medium- tall height sporting elongated, spear-shaped flower structure of densely packed small-sized calyx yet hefty buds. Medium finish time of 9 to 10 weeks (60 to 70 days). An initially uplifting experience, the full effect slowly comes on to end with a dreamy finish Strong and long-lasting potency with minimal tolerance build-up. A fruity palette with mixes of melon, berry, citrus and evergreen high-notes. Enjoyable day or night. Indoor flowering 60 to 70 days

Genetics:̴Ì_Silver Haze x Blueberry
Variety:̴Ì_Pure Indica
Plant Height:̴Ì_Medium - Tall
Grows:̴Ì_Grows indoors
Flowering Time:̴Ì_Indoor flowering 60 to 70 days

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