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Roadrunner Automatic #2

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Dinafem Roadrunner #2 has grown along the path of our first automatic, by retaining some of the feature of the original strain of Roadrunner including its swiftness and constancy, it has also improved things with its own unique aromatic tones, more vitality in growth and a reinforced relaxing, psychoactive effect. This makes it a vast improvement on the original strain which allows it to yield a more energetic harvest alongside an improvement in flower and resin production and a sweeter and deeper flavour of Indica, laced with the lemony hint of fruit.

Dinafem Roadrunner #2 is a very energetic plant that grows faster and ultimately produces more than the previous version. However, it requires slightly more time to complete than the original, about 70 days, not too much, considering the bigger flowers and remarkable production of resin that is typical of this automatic strain. You can trace the genetic origins of Dinafem Roadrunner #2 to our Roadrunner, which was repetitively crossed with a very special stock of Joint DoctorÌÎÌ__s Diesel Ryder, an automatic variety that we chose because of its flavour and yield. This stock was made up of a specially chosen group of what we regarded the finest male and female samples of this variety. The finest male sample in the group was then chosen for breeding and it resulted is a outstanding hybrid, energetic and pungent with an deep fruity taste.

Planting Dinafem Roadruner #2 is recommended from 1 to 15 April in the Mediterranean regions and 1 to 15 May in the Atlantic area. In the north of Europe, it is better to wait until 1 to 15 of June. In all cases, harvesting will be ready in 70 days from date of planting.

As with any other automatic, optimum conditions are required for a correct development to its maximum power. 20 hours of light are needed for a maximum speedy growth, both indoor and outdoor, so a quicker growth is obtained in June than in April or August. A large quantity of substrate is also recommended from the first moment, 4 litres of soil minimum and up to 20 litres -the more the better, as the roots will grow without restrictions. Hydroponic cultivation is also quicker and produces larger plants with a smaller amount of substrate. An excess of water to the roots will seriously affect the plant, especially when they are still small, so good substrate drainage is essential, and watering must be limited when plants are placed in soil. The strength of this variety is quite good, enough for mild consumption for relaxing, as the psychoactive effect is compensated with a physical relaxation. The effect it produces is therefore a physical and cerebral mixture. Automatic plants tend to produce an elevated amount of CBD which soften the effects of the THC and increase the feeling of relaxation. A large percentage of cannabis cultivators like to relax after work, they are mild consumers and do not need intense psychoactivity. They prefer a relaxing effect, a good flavour, and moderate productivity. Roadrunner #2 tastes great, it has the right amount of strength and is very easy to cultivate in a balcony or terrace in the summer months, even in cold or mountainous areas.

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Seedbank: Dinafem Seeds
Blend: Rudelaris / +Indica / sativa
Thc: Medium
Cbd: High
Production: 20-50 gr. (Automatic)
Flowering period: 65-75
Height outdoors: -1 mt.
Genotype: (Lowrider#1 x Dinafem #1) X Grapefruit

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