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In the US and UK, OG Kush and Cheese are two of the most popular flavours and consequently two of the bestselling strains not only in their individual countries, but also in other parts of the world as well.

Popularly known as the Queens of flavour, these two strains were blended by the Dinafem team to create the Kush'n'Cheese.

Their flavour, as the name suggests, is a potent cheesy taste, with lemon and diesel fuel, and a hard-wearing aftertaste. When compared to the European strains, it has a totally different, deep and distinct flavour that is quite intricate and potent.

The strain smells quite potent while budding, making it difficult to manage the scent. On the other hand, it also smells quite captivating because of its distinct aroma and flavour.

The Emerald OG Kush used in the crossing provides a very high effect, up to 20% THC, with a small amount of secondary cannabinoids, so the effect is very sativa, far reaching, exciting, and powerful, not suitable for occasional smokers.

It is a good yielder, buds are tight, dense, and heavy. The Cheese sativa growth pattern predominates, so it stretches quite a lot when blooming, with large open structure and internodes.

Kush'n'Cheese produces large amounts of very potent resin, and is not for casual users.

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