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The 2 most important characteristics for the Widow Ryder are her autoflowering ability and the shiny resin crystals that will cover her flowers like a blanket of virgin snow.
All autoflowering Cannabis starts flowering due to the age of the plant, not to a specific light cycle. This gives the Widow Ryder many big advantages for indoor as well as outdoor growing.
Widow Ryder seeds produce plants that will start to flower when 6 to 9 sets of adult leaves have formed (normally between 6-8 weeks in good growing conditions). Widow Ryder is not a real dwarf variety. You can expect the final height of the plants to be around 1 meter. When grown outside, Widow Ryder seeds can be started up in early spring to make sure that they will flower in June or July (when the weather is expected to be best) so they will be ready in early September. The buds will be covered with sticky resin and will give a sweet and spicy citrus aroma. You will experience a strong body stone that is softened by a breezy high.
Type: Lowryder x White Widow
Indoor flowering: 45 - 50 days
Outdoor flowering: June - September
Indoor yield: 150 gr/m2
Outdoor yield: 60 - 80 gr./plant
Height: 90 - 120 cm
Buzz: strong body stone softened by breezy high
Taste / smell: spicy sweetness with an earthy citrus smell
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