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Lady Purple

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This is a high-potency, strong yield feminised strain of Afghani with a strong Purple influence.

Lady Purple is easy to grow indoors, even for the beginner, but will also flourish outdoors in spring and summer in areas where the climate is moderate. This variety is bred from some of the best Cannabis plants the world knows. Her ancestors can be found in the legendary Indica cultivars of the Afghan Hindu Kush region, as well as the Californian Medical Marijuana scene and the top varieties from Holland.

The Afghani ancestry are the source of Lady Purple's potency, fast flowering and sturdy consistency. A more distant ancestor is a much sought after Jamaican Sativa variety which makes her slightly taller and adds a lot of extra high to complement her Indica body stone.
Crossing these ancestors with an incredible Dutch bred Hindu Kush and the US Purple Kush gives the Lady Purple her final look.
The purple colour is most prominent in her flowers, not just in the leaves.

It is even not uncommon that Lady Purple finishes with green leaves that accentuate the lovely dark purple violet buds.

Buds of mature plants are solid and spiky, covering a large portion of stem and branches. Purple Lady's flowers are covered with sparkling resin crystals and smell of pine and sandalwood with a hint of sweetness.

Type: Afghani/Hindu Kush x US Purple Kush
Indoor flowering: 56 - 70 days
Outdoor flowering: end Sept, 1st week Okt.
Ourdoor yield: up to 300 gr/m2
Height: 100 - 170 cm
Buzz: astrong high with body stone
Taste / smell: pine/sandalwood with a sweet undertone

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