• White Chronic
White Chronic

White Chronic

Cream of the Crop

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Vigorous growth and connoisseur quality make this girl the talking point of many a smoker. She fully deserves, if not defines the term ‰ۡÌÝ?high grade‰ۡó?. The fruitiness of White Widow mingles with the famous Chronic to create strong and powerful floral notes with a sweet honey aftertaste. Commonly forming one mammoth central bud, glinting with trichomes, she is as beautiful to look at as she is to smoke, making her a C.O.T.C favourite.......HIGH GRADE FI EVA AH NUH BUSH WEED NEVA!!!!

Genetics: White Widow X Chronic
Genotype: Mainly Indica
Suitable for: Indoor/Outdoor
Yield: Approx 450g/m2 indoor & 700g/m2 outdoor
Flowering Time: Approx 50-55 days
Mould/Pest resistance: High
THC: 17%

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