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Robocrop is a real machine. She produces layer upon layer of shimmering, mind altering frost and she looks almost armour-plated when grown in optimum conditions; her flowers and leaves sparkling with intensely powerful crystals that severely weigh her down. We crossed an Auto Thai Haze with our Narcotic Kush and ran a lengthy programme of selection and back crossing for several years between the various phenotypes. The result is an auto hybrid that demonstrates impressive mind scrambling

capability and personifies cutting edge Automatic Cannabis THCnology.

Her Sativa dominance means she finishes with respectable height and multiple branching means that she is a superior producer of some of the finest haze known to mankind. Robocrop is able to cope with the bad guys (mold and pests) with ease and she exudes brilliant chrome radiance

when in full bloom from buds that taste & smell of the most exquisit Haze with subtle Incense nuances‰ۡóÁÌÎ?_ ‰ۡóÁÌÎ?_ROBOCROP- ADVANCED BIO THCNOLOGY

Genetics: Thai Auto x Narcotic Kush Auto

Genotype: Mainly Sativa

Suitable for: Indoor/Outdoor

Yield: Approx 900g/m2. Indoor & 85g/plant Outdoor

Seed to flower: Approx 75 days

Mould/Pest Resistance: High

THC: 19%

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