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Custard Cream

Custard Cream

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Reminding us of that all-time classic: the kick-ass Custard Cream. This girl is a real treat and goes perfect with a cup of tea!! Her buds develop into huge, pungent colas that harbour an ultra sugary sweet, vanilla taste... sticky and coated with resin. The smoke is soft and hashy, which complements the sweetness well and her immense THC levels mean a strong cerebral high, and pure appetite stimulation! Who doesnÌ_åÈt love a custard cream?...

Genetics: Afghani X Nepalese hash plant X Hawaiian
Genotype: Mainly Indica
Suitable for: Indoor/Outdoor
Yield: Approx 400g/m2 indoor & 550g/m2 outdoor
Flowering time: Approx 65-70 days
Mould/Pest resistance: Medium
THC: 20%

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