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A 1998 mother makes love to a lemon Thai male with Haiwaan ancestry from EGSC and Gryphon 33 is born.
The G-13 Hash mother with its fantastic build and commanding stone lends these qualities to Gryphon 33 whilst the lemon Thai father from Dutchflowers via EGSC donates his typical energy.
If you like Lemon Larry then you are going to like the smoke from Gryphon 33 with its beefy yet stable diesel kick and scent of berries. A bonus is the ease with which the seeds can be sown and grown. SCROG is fine if you haven‰ۡóÁÌ_åÈt got the height to accommodate this tall plant but really any type of growing is fine with this plant. From using soil and organics we have produced a fantastic scent and the hybrid is quick with intense glands, low growing, lovely branching, diamond crystals and a great yield.
Gryphon 33 can be easily grown in a cupboard or closet and also does well outside taking seven to eight weeks to finish.
Yields of up to 80g if grown inside with 25-35 veg days. Outdoors 300g or up to 450g in tune with the weather and veg time.
gr Lineage: Gryphon x Jack33 Bouquet: Very sweet berry floral flavor, peppery, rich and intense aroma Type: Indica/Sativa

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