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Zen safely is the best choice for those who want to work up an appetite, and this feature is no accident. We wondered what would be the result of crossing two of our favorite gene in that regard, and we get that crossing one of the best breeders. The result, after several generations of crosses to stabilize the phenotype more interesting is an explosion of multiple flavors that leaves many confused to try it at first.

It requires a little more care than other varieties for beginners, but it's a small effort that looks pleasantly rewarded. Get ready to dive into a sea of ‰ۡóÁÌÎ??ÌÎ?ÌÎ?sensations including peppermint and clementines, grapefruit and lavender scent ... will you wait for what you have?

Collection: Medical
Genotype: (AU x Afghani) x Lavender
Interior: 8 weeks
Exterior: September
Production: Media
Effect: Balanced / Positivity
Smell: Grapefruit / Herbal
Taste: Strong / Citrus

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