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Vanilla Haze

Vanilla Haze


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Variety really stimulating, high value antidepressant. The effect of Vanilla Haze awaken the senses without causing excessive hum commonly have less accustomed to the sativas. It is suitable for all those who need a little push in their daily work. We apologise for not revealing the parents that led to this oddity, but as its name suggests, the Haze genes have a key role in its origin. The vanilla taste and smell different spices surprise to any gourmet sensations. Some are reminiscent of lemon, black pepper others with metallic touches. Definitely worth the wait the 11 weeks it needs to flourish under 12 hours of light, to express their full potential.

Collection: Medical
Genotype: Predominantly Sativa
Interior: 9-10 weeks
Exterior: End October
Production: High
Effect: Animoso
Odour: Pungent, type haze
Taste: Soft / Vanilla / Lemon

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