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Northern was the result of crossing one selected Indica landrace with a Thailand Sativa in Seattle for over 25 years. The result is this magnificent, award-winning strain, who always surprises those that taste it for the first time.

In terms of phenotype, we can assure you that it produces a central bud, not many branched, with a few but very large leaves. This makes it very quick to pluck. The optimum planting density is between 20 and 25 plants per square meter, because of that central only bud.

Northern has been used by many breeders to create new hybrids, since it is one of the commercial strain available today. CBD Seeds wanted to keep it pure to make it available to those who appreciate the taste of the old school.

Flowering indoor: 7-8 weeks
Outdoor harvest: Mid September
Production: High
Genotype: Afghani-Thai stabilised hybrid
Phenotype: Indica dominant
Effect: Balanced
Smell: Floral, sweet
Taste: Smooth, vanilla and spices

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