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Urkle Berry II


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Urkle Berry is an Urkle clone dominant hybrid that we made a few years ago using a Purple Berry male. Over the last couple years, since releasing a small batch of Urkle Berry, we've had a lot of restock request. So we decided to go forward and work it toward the Urkle side of the lineage, after testing that generation, I am more than happy to release the remaining packs of Urkle Berry II. The test results were amazing in resin production and taste/smell. The phenotypes will range from a greení«ÌÎ_phenotypeí«ÌÎ_caked in thick resin with some purple calyxes to an 80% purple colouredí«ÌÎ_phenotypes. Urkle Berry II has very tight, dense flowers, with a sweet berry type smell. Yield is average but the resin production is high, and the finished product is beautiful. We are releasing this batch to those that have been asking for them, at a reduced price. Once they are gone, they will not be released again, at least not by CVS. Very Limited Stock.

Genetics: Purple Urkle clone x Blueberry Indica

Type: Indica

Flowering Time: 8 weeks

Harvest Month: Sep/Oct

Yield: Average

Plant Height: 50-70cm

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