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Strawberry OG

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Strawberry OG is one of Cali Connections newest strains. Embodying all the great attributes of the popular Bruce Banner #3 strain along with Tahoe OG. It has a very strong heritage which has been carefully planned and executed with extra care and attention by the guys at Cali Connection, some might go as far to say that it is a match made in heaven (in this case California).

Its high terpene volume is one of its winning qualities, the flowers are bursting with an aroma that is likened to very berry with a pine like undertone. The sheer level of terpenes also give it an extra fruity taste which is unique to Strawberry OG.

The Bruce Banner #3 side of the family brings a fast acting euphoric feel that is perfect for creative pursuits, while the Tahoe OG side brings a heavy body high which can be good for people suffering from insomnia and sleep disorders.

Strawberry OG is a hybrid of sativa and indica but leans ever so slightly more towards the sativa side of life. It has a medium ‰ÛÒ high yield and will take anything between 8 ‰ÛÒ 9 weeks to flower.

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