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Hash Bomb is the ideal cross of powerful Hash from the Far East and a new age Amsterdam Skunk and Bomb.
Low and sweet, with very little smell, this plant and product have an extremely low profile whilst maintaining high production and fast flowering. Another bonus is its mould resistance and these qualities have all been achieved by the addition of Bomb#1.
This cross produces a high CBD and has attained fame amongst both hash lovers and medical users with its medium to high strength and stupefying, tranquillising effect. Hash Bomb calms, sedates and relives pain very successfully and it is for these qualities that it is sought after in the main.
Hash Bomb and Medi Bomb #1 are our most popular, soothing and medicinal strains to date.

Type: Indica/Sativa (60/40)
Plant height: Medium (90-140cm)
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
Indoor Flowering: 6-8 Weeks
Harvest Outdoor: Sep-Oct
THC: Medium (10-15%)
Yield: High (400-550g/m2)
Stoned/High: Hard hitting, sedative stone

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