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Genetics: Hollywood Pure Kush x Snow Lotus (Star Wars Bounty Hunter Stash Remix Series)

Flowering time: Medium

This is a genetic remix of my Jabba's Stash strain (Bubba Kush x Snow Lotus), using the Hollywood pure Kush as the

mother. The Hollywood Pure Kush is not very similar to Bubba Kush, LA Affie, SoCal Master, and Sage Pure Kush, its

most likely a closer relative to the OG Kush family. The Hollywood Pure Kush grows like an OG with a kushy vanilla

marshmallow citrus butter rum she musk baby powder aromas, very feminine unlike the roasted coffee spice of the

other Cali broad leaf Kush strains. The effect of the Hollywood PK is a very deep relaxing wrap around mind body

liberator, cerebral as well as sensual. This strain will be similar to the Goji OG but bigger with different more

earthy aromas. Expect crystalline colas of extraterrestrial green fire that will warp time and space and get the

party started at the intergalactic cantina.

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