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At the beginning of the great autoflowering adventure we tried some lowryder seeds and were very impressed by their potential but wanted to try and improve the yields and potency. We went through a process of selecting the best performing plants and crossing them with some of the fastest finishing plants from our own genetic collection. What we ended up with was a much improved version of lowryder that is 100% autoflowering, can yields over an ounce but still stays under 2 feet in height.

Flowering time: 60-70 days.
THC levels: Medium. (6% - 12% ).
CBD levels: medium - some medical benefits
Yields: 15g-40g
Height: 30cm - 60cm
Genetics: Ruderalis 30% Indica 6% Sativa 10%
Strains : Lowryder X bubblebud

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