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Automatic Speed Haze

Automatic Speed Haze

Black Skull

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Automatic Speed Haze is a plant that offers fast growing time for an outdoor variant. The Speed Haze is, obviously, an ancestor of the Haze line and few of these can be grown quickly outdoors. However, the use of Speedhaze and the introduction of Skull Ryder have made it possible.

Flowering time is approximately 10 weeks and the plant will reach a height of 1 metre or more in the right conditions. Thin leaves and big buds are a definite positive trait for this plant while high CBD levels make it a medical strain that is bound to gain popularity.

Flowering time: 70-80 days.
THC levels: Medium. ( 6% - 12% ).
CBD levels: High - good medicinal strain
Yields: 20g-50g
Height: 50cm - 100cm
Genetics: Ruderalis 25% Indica 25s% Sativa 50%
Strains : Skull Ryder X speedhaze

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