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Automatic Pineapple Gum

Automatic Pineapple Gum

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Automatic Pineapple Gum is a cross between Skull Ryder and Pineapplegum. This cross has increased the crystal production of autoflowering plants. Pineapplegum afforded the traits that were required to achieve exactly this and helped ensure that the resulting strain had much more to offer than heavy crystals.

One of the reasons that Auto Pineapplegum has become so popular, other than the 9 week flowering time, is the high level of CBD present in the plant. This makes for an ideal medical marijuana strain.

Flowering time: 60-65.
THC levels: Medium. ( 6% - 12% ).
CBD levels: High - good medicinal strain
Yields: 20g-50g
Height: 40cm - 80cm
Genetics: Ruderalis 25% Indica 50% Sativa 25%
Strains : Skull Ryder X pineapplegum

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