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We present Napalm, our particular bomb! From its germination it is noticeable its amazing vigour and quick growth, that is why we suggest not more than 3 weeks of vegetation time while cultivating it indoor, because the stem and branches could brake due to the buds‰ۡó» weight. While growing outdoor the plants can be enormous. Its extraordinary flavour and deep aroma give this variety a pleasure smoke. We have developed this variety for our most demanding customers.

Genetics: *top secret*

Genotype: Sativa / Indica Hybrid

Average Height: 100-160 cm

Vegetation Period: 3 weeks

Flowering Period: 60-65 days indoor

Mould resistance: Moderate

Yield: 400-450g/m2

Smell: citrus

Taste: orange

Effect: euphoric and stress-relieving

THC level: 16-18%

CBD level: 0.2%

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