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Our prototypes were known as "Criminal Kali". For us to make this new strain, we used our Criminal Jack and combined it with Kali Mist. The result we have achieved is a vigorous plant that has made the production quicker and better than her progenitor Kali Mist, maintaining all her characteristics: long big buds and above all her unmistakable taste̴Ì_of incense. In the last few years, Criminal Jack has converted into Biohazard Seeds No.1 selling strain, thanks to her perks (easy to cultivate, very productive and first quality smoke). Goddess Kali is a marijuana plant that reunites the best qualities from her̴Ì_descendants. It is perfect for cultivators who want a fast flowering strain with plenty̴Ì_of high yielding buds. It produces a̴Ì_psychoactive̴Ì_effect of a great Sativa and a subtle cerebral effect. Ideal for relaxation, creativity and medicinal effects (soothes menstrual pains).

Genetics: Criminal Jack x Kali Mist

Genotype: Hybrid Sativa / Indica

Height: 120/160 cm

Growing time: 1-2 weeks

Flowering time: 55/65 days in early October.

Resistance to mould: Medium

Production: 500/550 g/m2

Odor: Pine and Metal

Taste: Great taste of Incense

Effect: psychoactive and medicinal creative

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