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Auto Somachigun is the new revolution of auto-flowering genetics. This variety is of a different standard because we have achieved this wonderful plant by crossing our best auto-flowering genetics: Critical+ and AK47. From the first moment we were surprised by its results, not only by its high yield, but also by the resin-drenched buds and aromas developed by this plant in only 75 days from its germination. Its growth is quick producing plants of 80-150cm when cultivated under ideal conditions. This plant develops a huge central bud and some lateral branching that will explode with a good fertilization. When this happens we will need to use different things to support the buds‰ۡó» weight to stop them from breaking. With hydroponic cultivation the yield is amazing, around 130g/per plant. A very appreciated ̴Ì_Somachigun aroma and a delicious fruity and citric taste combined with a high ̴Ì_psycho-activity gives this auto-flowering variety an euphoric-high. Advisable for smoking at any time of day.

Genetics: Critical + Auto x AK47

Genotype: Sativa / Indica Hybrid

Average Height: 80-150 cm

Vegetation Period: 3/4 weeks

Flowering Period: 45-55 days

Mould resistance: Medium/High

Yield: 50-130g/plant

Smell: Fruity

Taste: Sweet, fruity and with a citric touch

Effect: Perfect for smoking at any time of day

THC level: 15-18%

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