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Biohazard Seeds present our first auto-flowering genetic, achieved after several experimental crosses between a ruderalis and an indica variety in order to get a medium height plant (between 40-100cm) and tight, resin-drenched buds in only 75 days from its germination. Vegetation time is only 3 weeks and pre-flowering starts very soon. From this moment it takes around 7 weeks to collect. The best light cycle for this plant in order to give the highest yields when cultivating it indoor is 20 hr/light cycle 4 hr/dark cycle. When cultivating it outside it is May the best month to start. Surprisingly quick and powerful.

Genetics: Northern Lights x Ruderarlis

Genotype: Hybrid Indica

Average Height: 60-100cm

Vegetation Period: 2- 3 weeks

Flowering period: 40-55 days indoor

From germination to harvest: 75 days

Mould Resistance: Normal

Yield: 25-75g/plant

Smell: sticky Afghanica

Taste: sweet incense, musk touch

Effect: cerebral high, perfect for meditation and relaxing

THC level: 15-17%

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