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A special re-worked, East Coast hybrid of the world-renowned Chronic was combined with a selectively bred Northern lights, complementing the NL lineage within the Chronic harmoniously.

This strain's durability and ability to cope with stress, mould and pest resistance are notable characteristics along with its powerful and fast rooting behaviour and its explosively high THC laden buds.

We then back crossed with our BigHead#1 for added yield and to encourage the spectacular central kola and minimal side branching that is typical of our BigHead#1.

The exceptional smell and taste of the East Coast Chronic is mind blowing and the dense buds are light green, tipped with bright orange hairs that contain consistently high THC levels.

The high is typically Indica and is very therapeutic, suiting anyone trying to conquer anxiety or insomnia issues.

THC Pro oozes with high quality bag appeal and is a great choice for those looking for a big yielding, hard hitting, high THC strain that is easy to cultivate.

Type: Indica/Sativa
Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
THC: Very High 20-25%
Yield: Very High 550-650g
Flowering: 7-9 weeks
Harvest: Sept-Oct
High: Strong. Perfectly balanced. Awesome.̴Ì_

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