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Big Head

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We took a select cut of Auto Cheese, the most beautifully pungent example we have ever witnessed, and carefully crossed it with an extremely powerful Critical+ Auto, known for its formidable physical and mental high as well as it's complimentary fruity-Skunk flavour.

Consistent in both appearance and power the genetics synchronise perfectly, making our Big Cheese a truly heavy-hitting hybrid that's very resilient to both mould and pests.

Finally we increased the stature and yield of the plant by pollinating it with our beloved BigHead #1 strain. This promoted more branching sites but maintained the short inter-nodal distance of the mother, resulting in a magnificent crop of gigantic, bright-green buds oozing with full-on Skunky, mature cheese flavour and smell.

Our Big Cheese has all the taste, smell and power of the finest skunk with extra vigour and explosive growth of Critical+, always finishing with superb dry yield figures. A commercial strain for the gardener who cares not just for volume but for outstanding quality.

Type: Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis
Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
THC: High 15%+
Yield: Med/High 40-60g/400g/m2
Flowering: 10 weeks
Harvest: May-Oct
High: Carefree. Happy.

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