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Cheese is a Sativa Indica hybrid that has a moderate flowering time and offers an uplifting high. It is a long lasting effect and has old skool aroma and fruity taste.

The feminised version of the Cheese seeds have become extremely popular and were created by crossing an Afghani male with a Cheese female. Expect flowering to occur in around 8 weeks and enjoy this old favourite for everything it has to offer.

Strain type: Sativa/ Indica Hybrid
Parents: Afghani (male) X Cheese (female) x5
Growing Info: Indoors: Flowering time 7-9 weeks
Outdoors: End of Oct. start of Nov.
Sensory Experience: Very uplifting High, No Ceiling, Clear, Long-lasting.
Smell: unique, pungent, old Skool aroma
Taste: very appealing, fruity, fresh
Yield: Indoors: average of 250- 400g per square metre (with 600w dependant on grower, environment)
Outdoors: 200- 450g per plant end of October, beginning of November

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