• Buddha Kush OG
Buddha Kush OG

Buddha Kush OG

Big Buddha

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After years of extensive research, the search for the ultimate Kush strain has come to an end!!! Big Buddha Seeds have been lovers of Kush varieties for many years, and have been going through all the countless different varieties of Kush from many different sources globally. We finally encountered a version of Kush which we felt was "The One" !!! It was given to us privately by our Californian growers which we then crossed with a Reversed 98 Bubba Kush. Our version ‘Buddha Kush’ has pure champion cup winning genetics a real true Kush lovers delight!!!

Parents: Mystery Californian O.G Kush x 98 Bubba Kush (reversed)

Genetics: 100% Indica

Flowering time: 65-75 days

Sensory experience: Super hard hitting, An OG Knockout!

Smell: Pungent, piney, potent super Kush smell

Taste: Strong spicy classic OG Kush

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