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Blue Cheese

Big Buddha

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Blue Cheese, as the name suggests, is a cross between a Blueberry male and a UK Cheese female. The strain is three quarters Cheese and will flower in approximately 8 to 10 weeks.

You will still be able to function properly after smoking Blue Cheese as the sweet and fruity smelling plant gives a euphoric high that will last for hours. It tastes of blueberry and leaves a fresh taste in the mouth once you've put her down.

Strain type: Sativa / Indica Hybrid (25% Blueberry 75% Cheese)
Parents:Blueberry x Cheese (male) X original UK Cheese (female)
Growing Info: Flowering time 8-10 weeks
Outdoors: End of Oct. start of Nov.
Sensory Experience: Highly euphoric, Very functional,
Smell: A Sweet, Fruity, Tarty, Berry scent, with that recognised musky undertone of the original cheese
Taste: Potent, Blueberry, Fresh taste

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