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Vigorous and hardy autoflowering plant, powerful and resinated buds, highly branched. Its branches develop almost as big as the central bud flowers making this plant one of the most attractive in the market. The Ruderalis gene makes flowering begin on day 23 from̴Ì_planting, ripening at 40-45 days, regardless of the photoperiod.̴Ì_

Aroma and flavour: sweet and musky penetrating̴Ì_scent inherited from his mother "El Nií±o". Intense, fruity, sweet taste reminiscent of̴Ì_pastry products.̴Ì_

Interior: 60-68 days from planting

Height: 55-75cm.̴Ì_

Production: 25/40gr. per plant.̴Ì_

Exterior: 15/20litre pots are recommended minimum. Use root stimulators. Fungi and bacteria use to expand the root mass̴Ì_

Genetics: Ruderalis x The Nií±o'99 (Skunk Haze-India-Brazil-South)

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