• CBD Blue Shark
CBD Blue Shark

CBD Blue Shark

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With CBD content of 6.5% and 6.5% THC, Blue Shark is not only an Indica-dominant flavour explosion, the extremely high CBD level means both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties have been increased significantly. And the lowered THC allows medical users to enjoy these benefits while remaining more alert. This could also enhance enjoyment for those that enjoy more moderate, ‰ۡÌÝ?sociable‰ۡó? effects.

With the savoury and sweet flavours and fragrance of pungent cheese and berries coming together with the citrus tang of CBD Shark in a hardy plant with unique attributes.

Blue Shark is truly a multi-purpose strain that can be confidently recommended for medical purposes, while still offering flavourful pleasure and recreational satisfaction.

Genetics: Blue Cheese x CBD Shark
Type: Indica
Yield: 400gr/m2
Height: 50-70cm
Flower time: 60-65 days
Harvest time: End September
THC: 6.50%
CBD: 6.50%

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