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Amnesia Haze from Amaranta Seeds is born from the crossing of different varieties Haze based. The result is a hybrid Sativa, strong, sturdy, easy to grow, short flowering, powerful and productive.

Amnesia Haze develops wonderful, medium/large size plants, with a solid and open structure, with a fairly significant distance between nodes, and long, thin leaves. Thrives so controlling their growth inside for enough space during flowering is recommended. His numerous and elongated branches bear large compact buds, completely covered with resin. Sample excellent overall qualities at all levels, and is clearly aimed at Sativa lovers.

Amnesia Haze has a rich aroma and a fruity flavour, with notes of lemon, exotic woods, Haze, incense and spices. Its effect is powerful and cerebral, stimulating and euphoric, accompanied by a great psychoactive effect. We suggest caution to ordinary consumers with this variety as it can cause temporarily memory loss.

Suitable for interior and exterior
Sativa Dominant
Genetics: Haze Selection
Flowering indoor: 12 weeks
Outdoor harvest: mid/late October
Indoor yield: 450-500g/m2
Outdoor yield: 600-900g/plant
THC level: 20%

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