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Elite Genetics selected two female and two male plants from an F1 OG Kush Larry Lemon. Alpine Seeds then crossed their best male and female to produce an F2 generation, from which an Austrian grower produced an F2 seed cross with an OG Kush Lemon Larry F3 generation. From the F3 the best Lemon Larry phenotypes were crossed again and the resulting F4 seeds were sent back to Alpine Seeds. They then crossed the best two F4 males and females to produce an F5 Inbreed line, from which we selected a strong male and crossed it with the first OG Kush-Lemon Larry (from Elite GeneticsÌÎÌ__ batch P1). The result was the "Lemon Larry OG Kush-IBL". Use of ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ?IBLÌ_å is unusual at F5 but we felt that the stability and homogeneity of the plant, together with the continuing developmental work being carried out to hone and perfect this strainÌÎÌ__s qualities, warranted the use of the term. There are just two distinct phenotypes. Firstly, the "Lemon LarryÌ_å which produces Indica style leaves and grows in a compact form. Bud growth is dense. The buds produce a very strong smell. Secondly, a phenotype similar to the "East Coast Sour Diesel" with narrow leaves and less compact in form. There is more diesel in the aroma, which is still strong and intense. The leaves and flowers will be covered in trichomes. It is popular in the USA and Canada for its medicinal qualities, being able to provide both relaxing and invigorating effects at low doses. The OG Kush varieties donÌÎÌ__t generally provide the highest of yields, but this strain has a higher number of quality buds. With a lingering and intense ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ?KushÌ_å undertone to the diesel and lemon taste of this strain, the Lemon Larry is a special experience, but not one for the novice.

Breeder Alpine Seed
Genetics OG Kush - Lemon Larry F5 x OG Kush - Lemon Larry P1
Variety Mostly Sativa
Sex Regular
Yield Medium
Flowering Time 70-78 days

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