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Sin City Kush

Sin City Kush

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Alphakronik Genes Seeds Sin City Kush Alphakronik GenesÌ_åÈ new Kush cross Sin City KushÌ_? is the first offering from the Las Vegas Purple Kush cutting they received in 2006. ̴Ì_The purpose of this cross was to challenge the low to medium sized yield of the Las Vegas Purple Kush with a bit of heft from the Snowdawg BX father, while maintaining the lilac sweetness that is the trademark scent of the LV Purple Kush. ̴Ì_ The effects when smoked range from unmoveable to couchlocked and confused. ̴Ì_Do not expect to complete many tasks when medicated on this hybrid. ̴Ì_YouÌ_åÈve been warned. Type : Indica/Sativa Hybrid (80/20) Flowering : ̴Ì_Photoperiod Genetics : Las Vegas Purple Kush x Snowdawg BX Flowering Time : 65-75 Days Indoors Outdoor Harvest : October Height : 1.0 1.25x Stretch THC Level : Characteristics: ̴Ì_Very Strong Branching, Stout Structure, Large Fan Leaf, Dark Purple at Harvest, Glistening White Trichomes. ̴Ì_

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