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Jack Golden Automatic

Jack Golden Automatic

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Jack Golden Auto is a cross Jack Herer and ruderalis, the gene responsible for automatic flowering. It is a medium sized auto plant, which develops perfect branching.

This Jack can be ready in about 65/70 days from seed germination, which makes it perfect for summer crops. The bud will soon acquire typical woody aromas with hints of mint and pine. The effect has a very euphoric start, especially in occasional smokers and soon become much more narcotic and physical.

Genotype:í«ÌÎ_Jack Herer x Ruderalis
Yield: 500gr/m2 indoor,í«ÌÎ_40-180gr/plant outdoor
Flowering time: 65-70 days from germination
THC: 17%
CBD: 1.5%
Effect:í«ÌÎ_Euphoric, physical
Taste: Incense, mint touches
Smell: Mint

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