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Its precise genetic background remains a mystery, but the Haze was developed in California in the 1960s and 1970s by crossing some of the best tropical Sativas imported during that period (Mexican, Purple Highland Colombian, Southern Indian (Kerala) and Thai).
This mythical Sativa, upon which some of the best hybrids of the past decades have been based, was endangered in the 1980s when Skunks and Indicas became popular with breeders.

Ace Seed's Haze population comes from the last reproductions made with this variety in California, and it has been preserved intact until today by Oldtimer, a British breeder. It has now been reproduced by our breeders using a wide range of parental plants.
Oldtimer's Haze preserves the genetic diversity that many present Haze lines have already lost, and it is possible to find phenotypes ranging from the mythic and nearly extinct "Purple Haze" to the most popular "Green Haze" and, of course, other combinations as well.

The plants are tall, slim and elegant with a pale, thin leaf and medium-length internodes. Pruning is welcomed.The flowers form willowy bunches and are abundant when grown under optimum conditions, at low temperatures. The garden will fill with beautiful colours varying from blue to purple, from light green to autumnal red.

Oldtimer's Haze will be of great interest to every preservationist, collector and breeder looking for a Haze population that still conserves all the qualities and genetic diversity of the original hybrid.

Oldtimer's Haze is a delight for 1970s Sativa lovers:a trip back into the past for all those who couldn't enjoy it the first time round.

Generally, expect an earthy, heavy, fruityaroma. There are touches of ash, incense and antique wood. Green Haze's aroma is fruitier (like ripe tropical fruit), while Purple Haze smells like blackberry and black liquor.

A strong, stimulating mental effect, without heaviness or physical weakening. A high level of THC and low level of CBD together produce a "no-limit" effect, which allows you to get higher and higher with each intake.

Ace Seeds only recommends this variety to extreme Sativa lovers and breeding projects.
Outdoors: Only in tropical or subtropical climates. Within latitudes between 20deg and 35deg, we would recommend a warm, coastal climate and the use of a greenhouse. Flowering outdoors: December/January.

Flowering indoors: 16 - 24 weeks
Yield/m2: Low
Resistance against spider mite: Medium
Resistance against powdery mildew: Medium
Resistance against botrytis: Very High
Resistance against cold: Medium

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