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Pure Jack

Pure Jack

710 Genetics

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This is one of the cream of the crops of 710 Genetics and maybe one of the most unique strain of cannabis you will ever find. This strain deserves recognition as an all time great. At their peak, buds are so thickly smothered with clear trichomes that they appear sugar-frosted or sparkling with dew-drops. This crystal-coating extends to spear-leaves, fan leaves and even to Jack‰ۡó»s stems and stalks. Pure Jack has a short flowering time. A common trait to all pure Jack phenotypes is a double-edged potency, a cerebral effect combined with a heavy body-buzz.

Genetics: Jack Herrer x Elite clone

Variety: Mostly Sativa

THC Content: 15-17%

Yield: Medium-High

Plant Height: Tall

Flowering Time: 10-11 weeks

Harvest Month: November

Effect: Body

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