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Auto Chocolate Skunk

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The Auto Chocolate Skunk has got pretty much everything the grower wants. It is a cross between the great performance of the Chocolate Skunk strain and an autoflowering ruderalis. It retains all the best features of the Chocolate Skunk while being quicker to mature and more manageable.

Growth time is reduced to 9 weeks, which is 2 weeks shorter than the original Chocolate Skunk strain. Once finished, it has a sweet but fruity flavour and the massive yields mean that it is popular with the home grower as well as the commercial grower.

- Yield: 250 - 350 gr/m2
- Harvest: 60 days.
- Height: 70 - 100 cm.

- Harvest Period: Frpm April to November.
- Height: 100 - 150 cm.


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