The Single Seed Centre; Montana and the Marijuana Act

Here at The Single Seed Centre we are interested in the laws surrounding Marijuana and its medicinal benefits. This week saw a huge debate surrounding the Montana Marijuana Act where arguments were presented for and against the use of Marijuana for medical purposes. Located at the Montana Supreme Court there was an in depth debate looking at the Montana Marijuana Act, Senate Bill 423 passed in 2004 and revised and amended in 2011. Of those speaking for the Marijuana industry there was much criticism regarding the accessibility of what is ultimately a pain relieving drug. The law originally places limitations on the number of patient’s one company/ provider can supply to. It also puts stress on the amount that can be charged for the drug (for medical uses). Medical Marijuana supporters claim that instilling further boundaries will result in those sufferers who have previously been able to access Marijuana, being deprived of their right to live a less inhibited life. We would like to reiterate at this point that here at The Single Seed Centre we sell Marijuana Seeds purely for collection purposes. Under no circumstances do we encourage planting or growing these.
Those in Montana at the other end of the spectrum, opposing the use of Marijuana, even to benefit those suffering from unbearable symptoms such as those associated with MS and Parkinson’s disease, made their opinions known. They claimed that the legislation will work towards protecting the public meaning that it will be harder to access and thus be abused illegally. Ultimately the debate concentrates on looking at suppliers of the drug and how they can or cannot operate in the future, the less restrictions placed upon them the easier it is to access the drug.
The Montana Supreme Court has not yet reached a conclusion and it is not expected to have made its decision for a few months yet. Here at The Single Seed Centre we sell a range of top quality seeds for collection. Please browse our website for further information.