What are single seeds and their benefits?

The single seed method is a modification of bulk method which was first proposed by Goulden in 1939 and later modified by Brim in 1966. There are a number of advantages to a seed collector to buying single seeds, you are able to expand a collection with a variety of single seeds over buying them in packs. This may not however be the most cost effective way in the long term if you are looking to expand your collection in term of volume, as with most products, bulk buying typically leads to discount or a reduction in cost in some form, possibly shipping for example. That is, you could be paying the same in shipping costs for single seeds as you would for, for example, three packs of twenty seeds.

Single seeds are also beneficial for those, specifically in America, who have medical marijuana prescriptions and can legally produce a controlled amount of marijuana to meet their needs. In this respect single seeds are also beneficial as some strands may be more effective medically than another. In this respect a trial and error method is more cost effective when buying single seeds than when buying in bulk.

What should you think about when choosing single seeds to buy? To expand on a collection you will be looking for a method where you can essentially pick and mix what you want, this option is available from Worldwide Marijuana Seeds. This option allows for customers to choose specific cultivars of cannabis and choosing one viable seed from each plant, this is typically done with feminized seeds. Choosing seeds to add to your collection, should be based on a variety of factors, these include, basing your choice on facts and characteristics as well as opinion of other and your own as to which seeds are more valuable to possess.

At Worldwide Marijuana Seeds it is possible to buy single seeds individually or in a mixed pack with a variety of products to choose from, including Armageddon which is a sativa influenced strain, Critical mass which is a reworked version of and old breed known as Big Bud as well as Northern Lights – the legendary Indica, which is now available as a feminized variety. Worldwide Marijuana Seeds also offer discreet shipping and billing service, for more information on Single Seeds, visit Worldwide Marijuana Seeds.